Hey Jessica, Can you check on something for me?  I was at Goodwill at the North location in Rochester, Minnesota and an employee told me that the dressing rooms were going to be gone.  The sign by the dressing rooms said that they were temporarily closed due to COVID.  Are the dressing rooms ever going to reopen at Goodwill?  - Mom who loves to thrift

I'll be honest, it's been a bit since I have gone inside Goodwill.  COVID shook my world a bit so I haven't gone many places.  I haven't even been to Target in a year.  But, I did venture out the other day to check on this question for "Mom who loves to thrift" in Rochester, Minnesota and got the official answer.

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Are the fitting rooms at the Rochester, Minnesota Goodwill locations closed forever?

I had a similar experience to "Mom who loves to thrift" and since I wasn't 100% sure on what was happening, I reached out to Melissa D. Becker, Marketing & Communications Director for Goodwill-Easter Seals Minnesota to find out the official answer.

I can confirm that fitting rooms are closed and will not reopen at Goodwill locations. Beginning July 1, we will expand our exchange policy from 7 to 14 days should an item not meet customer expectations.

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Exchange Policy extended to 14 days at Goodwill locations starting July 1st

I know this might be an added trip for us if the items we pick don't work out like we'd hope, but as with many things this past year, our world is adjusting and changing.  At least you'll get seven more days to make that trip back if things don't fit quite right.

“Goodwill-Easter Seals Minnesota is a nonprofit. We manage the community’s generous donations wisely to maximize store proceeds to support funding for our services and programs. Occasionally store operations, like fitting rooms, change to reduce loss, maximize sales space and ensure we can continue to offer low prices on 1,000s of new items every day.” - Brent Babcock, our Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

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