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11-year-old Minnesotan Harley Walker recently order food for herself for the very first time! This was a huge accomplishment for her as Harley is non-verbal. Thanks to some fancy technology Harley now has her own voice.

Harley has cerebral palsy and is also non-verbal. She also doesn't have great vision. Fox 9 says that at first, her family tried to teach and communicate with her via sign language but because of her vision that didn't work. Thanks to Harley's teacher, she now has this fancy technology that allows her to speak.

I've seen this type of technology used for others who are non-verbal. There are different buttons and the way Harley selects a certain button is by looking at the button for more than 0.4 seconds. The buttons are different things she would use throughout the day but there were also buttons made specifically for this special trip to McDonald's.

McDonald's in Foley opened their dining area just for Harley the other day so she could have the experience of ordering her own food for the first time. Harley ordered a chicken sandwich and an orange soda. It was an emotional day for her mom. She told Fox 9 that they "always assumed [Harley] wanted cheeseburgers" and Sprite. Harley's 6 siblings are also very excited to be able to talk to their sister.

Now Harley will be able to communicate when she's sick, if she's hurt, how she's feeling, things that we are able to communicate easily and take for granted.

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