The other day a North Branch, Minnesota police officer shared a story on Facebook of a man he had arrested that day. It's like an open letter to the man that takes a hilarious twist at the end thanks to his 'dad skills'. The post is going viral right now with how funny the post is but also how relatable it is to all parents.

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Officer Nelson of the North Branch Police Department had arrested a man. The man was really upset and was screaming in the back of the police car as Officer Nelson drove him to jail. He writes that it felt like an hour of screaming and he was trying to calm the man down the whole time. Eventually, Officer Nelson tapped into his training from becoming not a police officer but his training from becoming a dad. And when he ended up doing is what finally got the arrested man in the back to calm down.

Officer Nelson tells the story way better than I could:

To the gentleman that I arrested this afternoon. You screamed at me, for what felt like an hour, on our way to jail. I tried to calm you down but you wouldn’t have it. I made the ride as pleasant as I could but it didn’t meet your standards.
As my head began to pound, I recalled from my training and experience from being a dad exactly what I needed to do….
“Hey Siri, play Cocomelon”
You grew silent after it began. I no longer have a headache. Thank you.
Twinkle twinkle little star my friend.

I don't have kids so honestly, I had to look up what Cocomelon is. And in case you don't know either, Cocomelon appears to be a nursery rhyme TV show. So Officer Nelson played nursery rhymes to calm down the guy he had just arrested. That's so smart and also incredibly relatable to all parents.

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