One of Rochester's favorites is branching out. Gyros for everybody!! Nupa lovers will now be able to find their out-of-this-world grub in Mankato.

The brand new building is quickly coming together next to the new Kwik Trip in Mankota, right behind Kohls on Blazing Star Drive. They are hoping to start serving sometime in June. I think it's safe to say people are very excited:


I drive by often and check progress. Anxiously waiting for your opening! -Kristin

I've been a Nupa fan for years! I can't wait! I will be there day one! - Neal

Lived in Rochester for 12 years and loved Nupa. Moved here 8 years ago and so excited Nupa is coming here!!! - Tracy

My favorite food!!! Hurray! - Lorna

In case you missed it, I did the 23andMe DNA test and discovered that I am part Greek. Yeah, like 0.01% BUT hey, it's there! It all makes sense why I love Nupa SO much.

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