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When last week's snow melted over the weekend, was that the last we'll see of the white stuff this spring? Not if you believe the Old Farmers Almanac forecast for Rochester.

Even though predicting the weather is, in fact, a science (thank you, meteorology) if you read the long-range forecast from sources like The Old Farmer's Almanac (OFA), it often looks like they've just tossed a few darts at the wall with different types of weather on it and put that into the forecast.

Unlike long-range forecasts from the National Weather Service which look at actual weather trends, like the jet stream and other atmospheric phenomena, this April forecast from the OFA doesn't appear to be based on much science at all. But it's still kind of fun to look at, though.

And their updated 60-day forecast for April here in southeast Minnesota has pretty much something for everyone-- which, come to think of it, IS a lot like what Mother Nature usually has in store for us in the spring.

After this week, which is supposed to be kind of wet and rainy, the OFA says it'll be sunny and mild to round out March, with temperatures about 3 degrees above average. (According to the National Weather Service, the actual average temperature for Rochester for the last week of March is between 36 and 38 degrees, so we've already been quite a bit above that prediction.)

And to start April, the OFA says we'll see a mix of cool, rainy periods along with warm, sunny periods. So far, so good, right? But, wait-- there's more. Don't put away that snow shovel just yet, because the OFA says we could see some wet, heavy snow during the week of April 23rd before it clears up again. Either way, the OFA is also predicting colder-than-average temperatures throughout the second half of April, as well. (You can check the full Old Farmers Almanac 60-day forecast for Rochester HERE.)

A late-spring snowstorm is something that most of us here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes could do without, even though we know we're powerless to control Mother Nature. And while most of us are, indeed, happy for Spring to finally arrive, keep scrolling to check out a list of 11 things-- in addition to more snow-- that we DON'T like about spring in Minnesota.

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