He's three years old, and all he wants to be when he's older is a cop.

Meet 3-year-old Gauge! Becuase he loves police and wants to be an officer someday, his Mom decided to invite some very special guests to his recent birthday party. Thankfully, they accepted the invitation!

Olmsted Sheriff via Facebook

The Olmsted County Sheriff's Office explained on Facebook, "A few members of the Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office (C Platoon) had the honor of attending Gauge’s birthday party. Gauge’s mom asked if someone could come by and say happy birthday as Gauge always dresses up as a cop and that’s all he talks about. Happy birthday, Gauge!"

He even got to sit in the car (with lights on of course) too!

Olmsted Sheriff's Office via Facebook

Way to go Gauge! Way to go Mom for setting this up! Most importantly, how sweet is it that these men and women took the time to do this? Awesome!

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