There are numerous companies looking to hire talented people here in Rochester, including us. And these companies advertise their openings in a variety of different ways – on radio and tv, online, and some just do the old-fashioned way by hanging a sign in their window. Whichever way a company decides to promote its opening it’s important that the listing is memorable and gets people talking. One Rochester business has certainly done just that.

I saw some Facebook friends talking about a very unique help-wanted flyer that is posted on the front window of Downtown Intimates on 1st Ave next to Hefe Rojo, so yesterday after work I walked by to see if it was real. The sign is real and looks similar to ones you’ve seen in the past but it’s the last line on the posting that stands out - “Must Not Be A Crack Head”


A lot of hiring managers probably have this policy, but I don't think I've ever seen something like that on a help wanted sign. If you fit that requirement and are interested in a new job, you can apply in person.

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