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One of Rochester's newest restaurants is now open, but finding out more about it has been a bit of a mystery.

I'm always interested to hear about new restaurants that are opening here in our fair city of Rochester. My wife and I love trying new places, and given how difficult it is to keep a small business open-- let alone open a new business these days-- we always try to support our local proprietors whenever we can here in southeast Minnesota.

And so I was curious about this new Rochester restaurant that popped up on my Facebook feed earlier today. Cork & Kale, it was called, billing itself as 'Rochester's Newest Restaurant.' Many of my coworkers are on top of new businesses opening through Rochester, so I usually hear about new places before they open-- but I was surprised I hadn't heard of this place yet.

I clicked on the Cork & Kale link, and it didn't take me to a traditional restaurant website, one that might list the restaurant's menu, specials, etc. And, I had a tough time actually finding out just WHERE this new restaurant is located in Rochester.

After a little more investigating on their Facebook page, I figured out that Cork & Kale is can be found in the new Even Hotels/Staybridge Suites, now open along 2nd Street southwest (across from St. Marys, where's Virgil's Auto Clinic and Towing used to be located.)

Cork & Kale itself doesn't have its own sign on the new hotel building (that I could see anyway), except for the small mention on this Now Open banner along 11th Avenue (which also states it's serving lunch and dinner.)


It's actually been open since August of this year, and according to the Even Hotel Rochester/Staybridge Suites website, its official name is Cork & Kale Market and Bar. The site describes it like this:

Count on a wide variety of great-tasting, good-for-you foods that are freshly prepared and fully customizable. Whether you're focused on heart-healthy or gluten-free noshes, simple and natural choices abound at Cork & Kale Market and Bar. You'll also find plenty of desserts, chocolates, smoothies, and organic signature cocktails to choose from. Eating well never tasted so good.

Looking through the pictures, it looks like a cool place (that also serves some adult beverages, which are always my favorite!) but, again, while it looks like it's open to the public, I still can't quite be sure that it's not just for guests who are staying at the hotel. (For example, there are several posts that reference breakfast in bed, that would seem to apply to hotel guests, right?)  Have you heard of Cork & Kale-- or been there yet?

We'll have to try it! And if you're looking for other new places to try here in Minnesota, keep scrolling to check out five new restaurants set to open this year at the Mall of America.

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