Minnesota is special. There are certain things that only people living in Minnesota could possibly understand but nonetheless make for hilarious tweets. The hashtag has been used over a million times. I picked some of my favorites for you from people Tweeting from Rochester.


  • 1

    Never been so excited to find bird shit on my windshield #springisfinallyhere #onlyinmn

  • 2

    Only in Minnesota: When you have to carry a hoody with you at all times

    because all the city buses have their air conditioning set to We-Miss-Winter as soon as spring stays above freezing
  • 3

    Minnesotan kids rebel by putting cracked black pepper on every meal and having hot sauce readily available. #OnlyInMN

  • 4

    Winter —> Spring —> Summer - and all in just two weeks! #OnlyinMN

  • 5

    #OnlyinMN: You can ski and golf on the same day.

  • 6

    I just had to tell two guys to stop getting pulled around by an SUV and a rope in their downhill skis. #OnlyinMN

  • 7

    You know you’re a true Minnesotan, when you don’t mind that it’s colder than Antarctica. Rochester -14 Antarctica 1 Stay warm everyone! #onlyinmn

  • 8

    Heard in our news editorial meeting: “There is a big lefse event going on in Faribault tonight.”

    Minnesota, the only state where that’s brought up in an idea pitch meeting. #onlyinMN
  • 9

    I feel like these two alerts shouldn't be able to happen simultaneously. #onlyinMinnesota (Flood Warning and Fire Warning)

  • 10

    Well that the worst 12 minutes in NBA history. #onlyinminnesota

  • 11

    Just saw someone snowboard past my apartment. #OnlyInMinnesota

  • 12

    So my current snow seems to be defective, as there isn't as much of it as there used to be.

    Thankfully Mother Nature has great customer service and my replacement snow should arrive on Saturday... #extendedwarranty #springtime #onlyinminnesota
  • 13

    I stop by the grocery store to buy hamburger, cream of mushroom soup and tator tots.

    The checkout lady immediately asks "whose making hot dish?" #onlyinMinnesota
  • 14

    I just witnessed a man trying to mow his lawn in the middle of winter... wow #ShellShocked #OnlyInMinnesota

  • 15

    When thieves break in to your car, but all they steal is your jumper cables.#onlyinminnesota

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