This isn't my first blog about Rochester roads, and it certainly won't be my last. But can we just have a serious heart to heart about one in particular, please?

Oh West Circle Drive, how I loathe thee.

It's no secret that I've been accused of Road Rage before. I'll do my best to white-knuckle the steering wheel when my daughter's in the car instead of cursing a blue streak of expletives, but considering I have to travel down this certain stretch of road several times a week, I can't hold in my frustration any longer and I'd like the city of Rochester to at least hear me out on a simple solution to possibly fix the problem.

After making several trips down County Road 22/West Circle Drive over the long holiday weekend, I've decided people either can't see the Speed Limit is 55 mph, or they simply don't care. If it's the former, I would love it if the city would post one, if not several new speed limit signs along the north and south bounds lanes because it's maddening how slow everyone drives on that street.

It doesn't seem to matter if it's morning or night, weekday or weekend, people will crawl along (in both lanes) going 40-45 mph like they're sight-seeing on a Sunday afternoon with no place to be and I think that's because there isn't enough signage.

From the Hwy 14 bridge to 55th street north bound, there are four speed signs, but only ONE between 19th and Valley High Drive. You could easily add two more. South bound is even worse, as you only have TWO speed signs from 55th to 19th.

There's clearly some confusion among motorists on how fast you can go, so I'm more or less begging someone to correct this issue and save my wife and daughter, and all the other families out there the angst that comes with driving down this poorly marked road.

Please, and thank you!

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