When I think back on the time I was a little kid in Kindergarten, it’s hard not to immediately remember the immortal lyrics of legendary rock ICONS Cinderella: you don’t know what you got (till it’s gone). I am, of course, talking about Nap Time. Remember Nap Time? When shortly after we learned how to write the letter A, our teacher would dim the lights and force the class to nap for 15 minutes? As a kid, I never wanted to take naps. But as an adult, time and wisdom have since shown me that I absolutely need to take naps. I took Nap Time for granted, man.

It’s happened to you. You’re at work, and you just got done with eating lunch. The carbs from your microwaved burrito have now made their way to your sleepy, sleepy brain. You yawn, and may even joke to one of your coworkers, “Sure could use a nap right about now!” Except you’re not joking. You are 100% serious that you sure could use a nap right about now.

This is why I’m proposing that Rochester businesses (*cough*) should implement a Nap Time Policy. After lunch, all employees are required by law to take mandatory 15-minute naps. You don’t have to fully fall asleep, but you’re at least allowed to close your eyes for 15 minutes without any judgment. Your calls will be held.

So for all the bosses and managers in Rochester (*coughcoughcough*), you should totally make this a policy. Think of the increased morale! Think of how more productive I’ll everyone will be! Think of the naps!

Let’s do this, Rochester. Let’s make Adult Nap Time happen.

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