After dragging my feet all weekend, I finally (grudgingly) drug all our Christmas stuff inside from the garage the other night and began decorating for the holidays with my wife. We decided against getting a live tree this year since money is a little tight, so I brought in my old 6 ft fake tree from my bachelor days. It has a little wear and tear from over the years but it'll still get the job done.

However, with a now almost 3-year-old in the house, I'm worried she'll pick up where she left off last year and keep trying to undress the tree by playing with the decorations and all the lights. She's like a damn cat, always playing with the low hanging ornaments and tearing away the garland like she's trying to spin a top. Ugh!

But speaking of cats, the retailer, Argos, has a solution for everyone who has to deal with actual pets who won't leave their dang tree alone ~ Try a Parasol Christmas Tree!

These things look perfect for cat or dog owners (or if like me, you have toddlers who are obsessed with the tree) because basically the lower level is completely bare and the tree starts much further up; out of reach of paws (or grabby little hands).

I don't own a cat, nor will I ever. First of all I'm allergic, but second, they're just not my favorite animals. Plus, I can't help but think back to that classic National Lampoon Christmas Vacation scene where the cat gets a hold of the Christmas tree lights and gets fried under the chair... I always laugh way harder than I should every time:

Anyways, a Parasol Christmas Tree might be worth scoping out sometime. That is, unless you want your pets to get a jolt of their own this holiday season.

You can learn more about Parasol Christmas Trees HERE.

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