A Federal Appeals Court ruled on Monday that chalking tires is a violation of the Fourth Amendment.  A woman takes her city to court and wins.

Alison Taylor has a problem with getting a lot of parking tickets.  She lives in Saginaw, Michigan and accumulated more than 15 parking tickets. All given to her by the same parking cop.

If you are not familiar with "chalking", it's when a parking cop comes by and chalks tires on cars. They then return after the allotted parking time and ticket cars still there with chalked tires. This has been going on for a long, long time.


Well, Alison Taylor took it to court and it eventually ended up in a Federal Court of Appeals. The court ruled "Trespassing upon a privately owned vehicle parked on a public street to place a chalk mark to begin gathering information to ultimately impose a government sanction is unconstitutional under the Fourth Amendment". 

That darned Constitution.

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