I went to school with about a dozen girls named Samantha! Apparently it was a popular name in the 90's. Think of all the people that have the same name as you, as your friends, and your child. You name your baby some crazy, unique name, just to find out your next door neighbor named their kid that, too.

Would you pay for a name that is ONLY for your baby? It's not cheap. If you're willing to shell out $20,000, this website will create a name that no other baby in the United States will have, EVER. Fortunately you have options - they don't just send you A name, and that's the name you're stuck with! They give you around 25 names to choose from. They say it takes about 100 hours and a staff of 12 people to come up with the list.

What do you think? Would you pay that much for a truly unique name?

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