Stop what you're doing and start looking through all of your loose change right now. It could be worth thousands of dollars!

Search your couch cushions, empty your junk drawer, and clean out your car! Look for a 1943 copper wheat penny. Fox 9 reports those pennies are selling at auction for up to $85,000.

These coins are very rare so you probably won't find one, but you owe me lunch if you do find one!

The website,, explains why these pennies are so valuable: Only a few 1943 copper pennies were minted, all of which would have been released by error into the coin supply. During that year, the pennies minted were supposed to be steel or war pennies. Coin analysts suggest that copper plates from 1942 may have been tested or left mixed amongst the other steel plates, thus creating the error. No matter the cause, 1943 copper pennies now sell for just under $100,000 each, according to our resources.

Click here to see what the penny looks like.


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