I can't imagine a world without meat. Sorry, vegans. I respect your lifestyle choice. But, I also respect the heck out of a juicy burger or a thick t-bone steak.

Did you know that a person bitten by the Lone-Star tick can develop a lifelong allergy to red meat? The Lone-Star bug has slowly migrated north, and it has made its way into Minnesota. Watch out for this nasty tick - it's smaller than a deer tick and has a white spot on its back.

We're right in the middle of tick season, and the number of Lone-Star cases is on the rise so don't risk it. Wear repellents if you're going to be outdoors in wooded areas, and make sure to check yourself and your kids when you go inside.

Ticks have also been spreading a deadly brain swelling virus in Minnesota. Click here to read more about that.

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