The igloos have added a fun outdoor dining experience in this cold, but are being forced to close down. Don't want to see that happen? Signing the petition may help. 

If you're not familiar with the Rochester Igloos, they are on the rooftop of Terza (aka La Vetta) in downtown Rochester.

According to the petition, the reasoning behind the forced closure is a city code that states: membrane structures (La Vetta's Igloos) are not allowed on rooftops that are above 55 feet above ground. BUT, "they have been proven to be safe, fire rated, sound, stable, and entertaining."

What are people saying on the petition?

Kris - La Vetta is offering us an amazing experience! Don't take this away!

Michelle - If Rochester is to truly become a destination center, it must have unique attractions beyond its medical focus. Please find a way to make La Vetta's igloos remain. They are stunning!

Maria - Residents of the Rochester area love the roof top bubbles.

Paula - These igloos are bringing out of town people to Rochester just to experience something different. It’s boosting the economy and helping people do something fun in the cold winter. Please let them keep them!!

I recently saw someone post on Facebook about the igloos in Chicago. I was SO excited to tell her she didn't need to go to Chicago to enjoy this unique experience.

Don't want to see the igloos go? You can sign the petition here.

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