So, I've been spending a lot of time with Jen Koski from the Post Bulletin lately. Warning: you are going to see my face plastered all over Rochester Magazine next month. Anyway, I messaged Jen yesterday just trying to get a sneak peek of what's to come (no luck). Instead, she casually tells me I'm in her Wednesday column on a "totally unrelated topic." Um, what?! My first thought: what did I do? After reading her article, I am totally blown away. She is STILL mad at me after something that happened 6 years ago, and she used her platform to talk about it.

I mean, we did destroy her... and everyone else on the board, so I get it. But, really? Six years later?

Dunken and Samm

Backstory: Dunken and Samm win Celebrity Grape Stomp competition. Four Daughters Winery invited us to participate in their grape stomp event back in 2012. We took on other "local celebrities" like Mayor Brede and Jen Koski. I credited my overly large feet for the win. Jen bringing it up NOW in her article - those are fighting words!

Hey Four Daughters, when can we get back out there for a rematch?

Disclosure: The Post Bulletin and KROC are NOT feuding, and Jen is actually super cool. 

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