Butt-grabbing is illegal? Should the bill be passed, it will be... no matter if it's over or under clothing.

I'd just like to state that I had no idea this wasn't already illegal. But on Wednesday, a state Senate committee unanimously approved getting rid of that exception, making it an offense of fifth-degree criminal sexual conduct which originally came into law in 1988. That's right, the Pioneer Press reports it would make grabbing clothed buttocks in an aggressive or sexual manner the same level of crime as groping other private parts, trying to pull off someone's underwear, and masturbating or exposing yourself in front of a child under 16.

It would therefore carry a maximum penalty or a year in prison and a $3,000 fine for a first offense. It's easy to point out this amendment comes during the ever growing #MeToo movement, which is bringing awareness to sexual assault and harassment to the forefront of the conversation across the world.

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