It's been a full month of pink in Minnesota!  Between all the chatter of how much mammograms really hurt to the stories of breast cancer survivors in our area that were shared, I know of two women who went and scheduled their mammograms.

Amazing Tributes to Those We Love Who Are Breast Cancer Survivors

One thing we haven't shared yet though are the tributes and special messages that were sent to us for breast cancer awareness month.  What better way to wrap up this special month than with some heartfelt words...including something for my mom, who is a breast cancer survivor.


I know a few people are going to think the statement above is just plain rude.  If you didn't hear my mom's story, go take a moment and check it out here.  She didn't find out about her breast cancer in a traditional way, but she did end up getting a few tattoos.

The reason why I wrote what I did was because mom my was not impressed when she found out that I was hiding a tattoo way back in my college days.  In fact, she was pretty upset and I'll never forget getting that phone call at college where she said, "Jessica, do you have a tattoo?".  I'm still not entirely sure who she spoke to who found out, but she heard it from one mom who heard it from her was a real small-town type of discovery.  In other words, what happens in Ames, Iowa apparently doesn't stay in Ames. Iowa.

Who knew that one day my mom would end up having more tattoos than me?  Not me!

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Four Amazing Women From Minnesota and Iowa Share Their Fight With Breast Cancer

Every week in October, Townsquare Media has been showcasing a new breast cancer survivor.  We've been talking about everything - if they lost their hair, what it was like to hear the words "breast cancer", tips they would give a breast cancer survivor much!  If you missed these stories, take a moment and read them today:

I knew ahead of these interviews that cancer really doesn't care about who you are, how busy you are or what your current responsibilities might be.  Cancer does what it wants.  And it could hit anyone that you know.  Bus drivers, teachers, high-profile execs, friends you love dearly, moms with young kids...or your mom.

One of the best ways to kick cancer is to know about it early.  If you haven't scheduled your mammogram, please do.  Honestly, they aren't as bad as they sound and it could save your life!


Townsquare Media cares about our community. We are sharing the stories of breast cancer survivors all month and you can find those and other helpful resources on our station app all powered by Mosaic Chrysler in Zumbrota, Beyond sales, it's service.

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