We are still about 100 days away from Halloween, but the candy is already starting to show up in stores. Hershey's has decided to marry Halloween and Pumpkin Spice season and has rolled out pumpkin pie flavored Kit Kat bars. The candy is available nationwide this month and is getting good reviews - foodsided.com says, "The pumpkin pie flavored crème pairs perfectly with the classic wafer. Colored in a subtle orange, it is fall perfection."

Speaking of Halloween, Spirit Halloween has signs up in the old Shopko building that say they are opening soon. According to their website, they'll open in August.  If you're planning on trick or treating this year they say costumes with masks are in high demand so don't wait to long or you might be out of luck!

The most popular costumes this year are:

  • The Addams Family costumes
  • Disney's Descendents 3 characters
  • Toy Story 4 costumes
  • JoJo Siwa costumes
  • How to Train Your Dragon costumes
  • Super Monsters costumes
  • Fortnite costumes
  • Narwhal and Unicorn costumes
  • Avengers: Endgame costumes
  • Frozen 2 costumes


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