Fall must be right around the corner because the beloved Pumpkin Spice Latte is returning to Starbucks soon. In fact, it's coming back sooner than ever this year!

Business Insider reports that Starbucks will be debuting the PSL for the fall season on August 28th.

August 28th?! That's before the State Fair is over! I feel like that's EXTREMELY early!

Well, it's actually not extremely early, just a couple days early. Last year the popular drink was released to all customers on September 5th. So Starbucks is only a little bit ahead of the game.

My only worry: does Starbucks releasing the PSL so early mean we're going to have an early winter? Kind of like Groundhog's Day but instead of seeing if the PSL sees it's shadow we see how early Starbucks releases the drink to determine how many weeks of summer we have left? Hmmmmm...

Let's hope that's not the case!



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