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Sunday, The Tap House went all-in on the City of Rochester on a Facebook with a post that read, "Rochester City Officials... Downtown is dying on the vine. Businesses are barely hanging on. BARELY..." The post, which you can read in its entirety here, ends with "City of Rochester...It is time to show small businesses you give a damn." 

The post is heartbreaking. It's clear that small business owners are growing more and more frustrated as the pandemic worsens. I can't imagine the stress they are feeling, but a city website that details exactly how the CARES funding has been allocated shows money is being used to help small businesses.

The Tap House has received a grant for assistance with their liquor license and a grant for utility assistance. Aaron Parrish, the Rochester Deputy City Administrator, told KAAL-TV  The Tap House received, "approximately $3,300 dollars for each location" in utility assistance. He said, "they were awarded Federal PPP funding and Sidewalk Cafe Grant funding in the amount of $4,000 dollars."  Parrish did say the business was approved for a liquor license grant but an error has delayed payment.

The City has also worked with the RDA on the downtown Parking Incentive Program and with the Chamber and RDA to extend patio season as winter approaches with "considerations include coordination of necessary permitting, shelter such as igloo tents or yurts, heating elements, etc."

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