This week is Random Acts of Kindness Week - we're not only having a different theme of our kindness activities each day this week. We also want to celebrate the random acts of kindness that are already going on in our community.

One of those moments happened at Rochester's North Applebee's.  If you missed this, Jon Douglas walked into the restaurant with a request asking the staff to sing to his son for his birthday after dinner. No big deal, right? Lot's of people request this.

Well it get's pretty gosh darn special. Some additional accommodations were needed. Their son is deaf and included in Jon's ask, he wondered if it would be possible for the staff to wish his son a "Happy birthday" using sign language. The manager, Nate, did not hesitate and said that even though he didn't have anyone on his staff that knew ASL, he'd figure it out. And that he did.

He returned to the table with his team singing and then he followed it up signing the rest of it. Jon posted the video on Facebook and as we kick off Random Act of Kindness week, it's a good time to appreciate kindness from one stranger to another. We'll let the video do the talking and signing. Grab some tissue because the reaction and joy from Jon's son is tremendous.

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