You're going to need a Kleenex after watching this video. A small, yet incredibly thoughtful gesture has the internet praising this manager. Nate, the manager of Applebee's North in Rochester, has won over the internet with this heartwarming good-deed.

A  family walked into the restaurant to celebrate their son's birthday. The birthday boy, Shawn, is deaf. They asked Nate if anybody on his staff knew sign language to say happy birthday to him. Unfortunately, there wasn't a single person at the restaurant that did, so Nate took it into his own hands, literally. He told the family that he would personally learn how to sign, and he totally came through.

Seeing Shawn's reaction to this will restore your faith in humanity.

Fun fact: I used to work for Nate back in the day. While I think it goes without saying that he is a stand out person, I am far from surprised that it was him in this video. Let me just ask you this, would your boss do that? Hats off to you, Nate!

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