Wow. I was already a fan of his before this song was released, but now he has my full attention.

Lil Crazed's latest single 'Fly Together' featuring Michelle Martinez is exactly what we need right now. The lyrics, the imagery, and just the entire tone of the song is so powerful and inspiring that I've already played this track in my studio several times since I first saw it come across on social media Thursday.

With over 60,796,218 views on his page and counting on YouTube, Rochester's own Lil Crazed has built himself quite the fan base. For well over a decade now, he's been making music while also traveling across the nation as he shares his vibes and his message with his followers.

When asked how long it took to come up with the words, and the basis of his inspiration behind the music, Lil Crazed said, "It did not take too long at all. This song was actually written over a year ago. My intent with this song is not to simply have the audience hear it, but to also feel it. So after months of going back and forth with different ideas that would help depict my visual, we finally settled on the video you see now."

"What drove me to do this was one day, scrolling through my Facebook feed and seeing back to back to back posts about the negative things in the world such as the racial divide, potential wars, violent protests, and so on. I can’t change people, but I can maybe influence someone’s thoughts by spreading a message of love and togetherness. That idea created the song you just listened to!"

Amen, man. Amen.

"Fly Together" will be available on all streaming platforms soon, along with his new album, "Damaged Goods". You can watch and listen to more from Lil Crazed on YouTube, and follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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