His barbershop has only been open for 2 years, and still, he's making a huge splash in not only our city but in the world. For the past few years, Aalix, the owner of Adrin's Sport Barbershop has been posting tutorials that often go viral. And it's not just for his incredible haircuts, but also for his impressive man weaves.

The Mummy Channel included Adrin's Sport Barbershop in a video titled "Best Barbers in the World 2019." While that's impressive enough, check this out, Aalix was also recognized for his work on ESPN! In the segment, they were discussing the latest in men's hair grooming. How cool is that?

Last summer, the crew at Adrin's gave Rochester area kids a free back-to-school haircut. According to KIMT, they gave out about 80 haircuts.

You can follow Adrin's on YouTube or Instagram. You can find the shop off 7th Street across from Northgate in the same shopping plaza as Five Dollar Pizza.

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