There are plenty of negative reviews left for most businesses. And in some cases, those negative reviews get turned into shirts that the business then sells for their birthday celebration. That's just what Thesis Beer Project, a brewery in Rochester, Minnesota, did when celebrating their 2nd birthday last week.

Last week, Thesis turned 2. For their birthday celebration, they had delicious food, live music, and all sorts of activities like yoga and arts and crafts. They also released a new shirt featuring their "favorite" negative review they got in the past year.

The review came from an app called Untappd, which is an app where people can keep track of beers they like and don't like. You can leave reviews for other people to see about the beer, you can rate the beer for yourself so you remember the next time you visit if you liked the beer or not. And that's where reviewer Paul left two very similar negative reviews on two of Thesis' beers.

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Paul writes, "This place is trying too hard to make beer not taste like beer." and "This beer is trying to identify as a peanut butter cup..... honestly I should rate it better but it is almost trying too hard."

The thing that makes Thesis laugh about these similar reviews is that the reviewer tried two beers that have a ton of different flavors when there were plenty of beers on tap that are "normal" beers. So why he decided to drink the Blueberry Stout and the Peanut Butter Blonde is beyond them and beyond me. If you want "beer" beer, then don't try the beers that are blueberry and peanut butter flavored, it's that simple.

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