Health Food Police are out in full force in a large chain of British supermarkets. How long before that concept becomes a thing in America? "Ma'am, drop the Oreos." While I love the idea of having an educated nutritionist on hand to push me in the right direction, I totally don't want the judgy eyes when I'm feeling like having a pint of ice cream.

According to Fox News, these 'specialists' will direct customers to healthier alternatives, suggest recipes, and generally be available to advise shoppers. One of the managers of the Nutrition and Health Manager said in a Press Release that "many shoppers have the best intentions to be healthier but busy lives get in the way. We know that small steps, top tips, and nuggets of good advice can help them get started and importantly stay on track."

So what do you think? Is having Health Food Police too much, or just what we need?

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