For lack of a better way to put it, life is strange at the moment. This pandemic has shut down businesses, social gatherings, schools, and then some. It has taken jobs and lives. Like any crazy situation, it really brings the good out of people. It's truly inspirational to see everyone trying their best to help others. Today, we want to recognize an amazing group doing amazing things!

The Rochester Chamber of Commerce’s 2020 Class of Leadership Greater Rochester (LGR) donated $2,500 in essential items to the Rochester Public Schools Community Resource Rooms at John Marshall and Century. They stuffed busses with stuff like toilet paper, paper towels, soap, and cleaning wipes.

We wanted to make sure that our project, our assistance to the resource rooms and thus the community, didn’t come to a stop because the physical space the resource rooms take up are closed. The people that run these resource rooms are still working to make sure students in need don’t go without, and this is a way we can help to make their lives easier and to provide some of those resources they need. -Mike Schmitt of LGR 2020

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