Feel like you fail at your New Year's resolution every year? It's Rochester's fault. Let me explain. 

With convenience stores on every corner, no wonder why you can't stop eating candy or drinking pop.

With the crazy amount of restaurants per capita, of course you can't stop eating out or grabbing fast food.

With the "lack" of gyms, no wonder why you can't work out more. Okay that one just doesn't work, sorry. There are so many great options for people here.

Wallet Hub put out a list of the cities that are most likely to fail their New Year's Resolutions based on these statistics. They also added things like places with high unemployment, cities with a high percentage of adult smokers, credit numbers and obesity levels. I hate to break it to you, but we sit right in the middle of the road (meaning Rochester is NOT to blame). I'm only this blunt because I believe in you! You got this! Only 8% of people succeed when it comes to their resolution. WE are going to be included in that percentage in 2018!


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