The past couple of times that my husband and I have gone to Costco in Rochester, MN something odd has happened. We never get that much stuff when we go so we always use the self-checkout. Recently, though, an employee has been there checking the backs of people's membership cards.

The first time it happened I thought maybe something had happened that day and it was a one-time thing. But then it happened again just the other day. So I asked about it.

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Costco Cracking Down on Membership Sharing

Turns out, Costco, at least the one in Rochester, has seen lots of membership sharing. So they're trying to crack down on it by checking the photo on the back of the membership card. If it's not your photo, you can't use the card.

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Well, that's kind of an issue for us because it's my husband's picture on the card and typically I'm the one that goes and does all of the shopping. Thankfully he happened to be with me the two most recent times!

If you're in the same boat where you and your partner share a membership card, never fear. In case you don't know, you are able to get a second person added to your account and they can get their own ID card. That way you don't always have to take whoever is on the card with you. That likely means, though, that you can't send the kids in to grab something for you anymore because their face isn't on the card. Just a heads up on that.

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