The Rochester D'Sievers is a jazz band featuring John Sievers. Perhaps, you've heard about John. In addition, to being a great musician, John is very active in the community. He's currently on day 312 of his t-shirt challenge - He wears a shirt promoting a different local business every day.

Last summer on July 12th, day 25 of his challenge, he stopped by the station to pick up some shirts to wear and informed us that his trombone and amp had been stolen from his car. A musician needs his instrument so he was clearly heartbroken.

Weeks and months passed, and I'm sure he gave of hope of ever seeing his stuff again.

He flipped when he answered his door and saw an RPD officer standing there with his trombone. Sievers posted the picture and message below on his Facebook page. It says, "9 months later, and after an anonymous tip, officer Pretzloff of the Rochester Police Department returned my trombone. I never thought I’d see it again. Thanks, Rochester and officer Pretzloff for getting my instrument back home safely. I wish it could tell me the story of the last nine months. The world isn’t always perfect, but it is full of hopeful moments, and this is without a doubt one of them."


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