If you know John Sievers, you know how important his trombone is to him.

The local Rochester musician is well-known in the area, especially as a member of the D'Sievers. Unfortunately, he reported something that may impact future shows... if he doesn't get his trombone back, that is...

John explained on Facebook, "My trombone, the base for my Bose L1 compact audio system, and a suitcase full of D'Sievers shirts with about $600 bucks in it were stolen from the trunk of my car. The trombone is something I've loved for a long time, and I'd really like it back."

Johnny Sievers
Johnny Sievers

The stolen trombone is pictured above. It's kind of hard to miss. John mentions, "It is very recognizable with all the stickers on it. It is a Bach 42G with a light weight slide." If you see anyone wearing any D'Sievers t-shirt that looks like they aren't a fan, that might be a clue too.

John asks that folks keep a look out for anything that looks like his stolen property.  If you do, reach out to him here.

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