In the past week, the Rochester, Minnesota Police Department has stepped up and given back to two locals in need. Shout out to the RPD for helping these two!

The first story is about a guy named Ralph who relied on his bike to get to and from work every day. Unfortunately, some terrible person stole Ralph's bike making it hard for him to go to work. When officers from the Community Action Team found out about Ralph's bike, they decided to help out and gift him a refurbished bike.

Just the other day the RPD shared this story. Sgt. Dahly had a washing machine he wanted to donate but didn't know who to give it to. So he reached out to Teri Dose, Community Outreach Specialist, and she knew exactly where to gift the washing machine. A struggling family in the area had their washing machine died on them recently (Those kinds of appliances always die at the worst times.) so Sgt. Dahly and Teri brought the washing machine to the family!

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