I know they're tough, and could tear little me to tiny shreds if they wanted to. But they are so cute!

Yesterday morning, I ran to Curt St. John and had to show him (a fellow dog lover) these photos. Turns out, he already knew what I ran into his office to say!

Rochester Police K-9's Duke and Riot, both benefited from an awesome program that helps K-9 units nationwide. According to the Rochester Police K-9 Unit Facebook page, Duke and Riot received a "charitable donation from non-profit organization Vested Interest in K9s, Inc. K9 Duke & Riot’s vests are sponsored by Joyce Meyer of Spring Valley, MN and embroidered with the sentiment 'Gifted by Jason Meyer Scholarship EOW 9/6/1999'.”

Vested Interest in K9s, Inc. is a 501c (3) charity located in East Taunton, Massachusetts. Its mission is to provide bullet and stab protective vests and other assistance to dogs of law enforcement and related agencies throughout the United States."

That's right! You, too, can donate so that more K-9's have this awesome protective body armor. The best part about this program is that all K-9 units can benefit! It doesn't matter if they are new to the team, or experienced and have an expired vest!

Get more here! Congratulations Duke and Riot!

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