If you had your air conditioner cranked during that last heatwave, you've probably noticed a much higher bill. My last RPU bill was 60 bucks more than the previous one!

Want to save some serious cash?

RPU and the U.S. Department of Energy says you can save 3-5% on your cooling costs for each degree you increase the temperature during the summer.

They say the ideal temperature to set your house at during the summer is 78°! A company rep was on TV a few weeks back and said the humidity is eliminated from inside your home at that temp and your living space is "comfortable".

78° did not sound very "comfortable" to me. So last week when the temps were in the low to mid-eighties, I decided to test out this theory for a couple days. 78° was actually better than I expected. It wasn't ideal, but if I were trying to save some cash, I could get by with the temp set at 78°- during the day. 78 degrees stinks when you're trying to sleep. Setting the temperature at least 10°F higher than your normal setting in the summer is also advised.

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