My utility bills have never been this outrageous. I don't remember the last time I saw such a huge spike. I've been blaming it on the weather, and now I can verify that it is true. According to the weather gurus at the National Weather Service, from December 1st through February 28th, it was colder than average. In fact, more than half of this winter had below average temps, and 31 of those days we dipped below zero. In February, we were sitting 5-degrees cooler than last winter. While that may not seem like a tremendous difference, I definitely felt it. Did you?

Meanwhile, we got a bit more rain than normal, but stayed about average with snowfall. I will admit that it felt like less snow than usual. Overall this winter we received about 33 inches of snow. In January more than 16 inches of snow fell, with half of that on one day. It was a snow day for most schools in Southeast Minnesota - January 22nd.

So what can we expect for spring? Click here for the good news. 


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