City leaders say that "despite the current Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations about social distancing, people are still gathering in groups and not observing six feet of distance between themselves and others." Rochester Police Chief James Franklin said, “We are specifically making a call out to our community’s youth to be champions for social distancing at this time. Limit unnecessary contact with others, and avoid contact with people who aren’t living in your own household – this includes your friends. You have an opportunity to be change-makers for all of us.”

The city has taken several actions to stop people from using community parks including padlocking tennis and pickleball courts, removing rims from basketball courts,  and installing fencing around the Silver Lake Skate Park. Parents should not be taking their little ones to playgrounds at this time either.

Instead, you're encouraged to play in your backyard or go for a walk or bike ride. The City says trails are still open but reminds you to maintain six feet of space between you and others and do not walk with anyone that is not part of your immediate household.


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