The Rochester Trolley and Tour Company has new owners and will continue with some of the tours that have become so popular over the company's 14-year existence.  Chamberlain Concierge and Lifestyle Management sent a press release Tuesday morning that announced the acquisition and said, "Those existing beloved favorites, like the Haunted Tour, Winery Tour, and History Tour, will continue to operate as Chamberlain takes the wheel."

Chamberlain's Owner and President, Laura Elwood, said, “It’s an honor to continue the legacy created by the previous owner and dedicated staff members who have curated these tours and collected stories with such pride.”

The press release said, "the Rochester Trolley and Tour Company will continue providing entertaining, thoughtful Rochester cultural experiences for both local residents and incoming visitors." and Chamberlain’s team is currently working "to enhance the service offerings and to craft new trolley experiences to highlight the best of Rochester and the surrounding area."

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