If you're like me you're right in the middle of a huge battle with dandelions. Seriously, they are everywhere! Keep fighting or you could be ticketed by the city of Rochester.

The city of Rochester has revised a city ordinance to include a new administrative fine for tall grass and weeds exceeding 12 inches.

12 inches?!?! Who lets their lawn get that bad?

Michael Nigbur of the Rochester Parks and Recreation told KTTC that they aren't actively looking to issue citations but do respond to complaints:  "If your neighbor calls us for your property, we'll go out and look at your property. Otherwise we don't go out and look at properties."

After the city investigates a property they give the owner a heads up. If the grass/weeds aren't trimmed within 2 days a citation is issued. First offense is $60, the second citation will cost you $90 and the third violation comes with a $120 ticket.

If the homeowner neglects to maintain the property a contractor is hired by the city to do it for them. The offender would be responsible for those fees too.

Check out the city ordinance, here.

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