Kickboxing is growing in popularity as a great workout program. I can vouch for that seeing as I've tried both kickboxing gyms in town - Farrell's and 9Round. Now there's another kickboxing gym in town. It's called iLoveKickboxing. You can find iLoveKickboxing gyms worldwide, but this will be the first in Rochester.

Kickboxing woman punching kicking bag at the gym
Getty Images/iStockphoto

What is iLoveKickboxing? According to their website, it's what happened when they took the workouts that get professional fighters so fit, and made them accessible to ANYONE looking to get in awesome shape.

But wait there's more:

"We added loud, energizing music to get your heart racing... passionate instructors who really care about you, motivate you every step of the way... and a community of support and friendship lifts you up when you're feeling down."

You can find iLoveKickboxing off 55th St NW in the Buffalo Wild Wings Shopping Center (not the name of it, but let's be real, it should be). For more info, check out their website. Also, if you want to sign up, according to the franchise headquarters, you can get 50% off your membership by using the promo code GRANDOPENING. The Rochester location also said you can get a discount on your membership by using the promo code COMINGSOON.

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