If you haven't heard of this book, you may be living under a rock! Girl, wake up and wash your face! This skyrocketing best selling book is my jam and has made a dramatic difference in my own personal perceptions and what I considered to be truths. Samm Adams recommended this book to all our listeners as well. Yes, its THAT good!

Girl, Wash Your Face author Rachel Hollis is coming to see us! Ok, not technically "us" per say but she's coming to Minneapolis. It's the ONLY Rise event in the country and they are coming to OUR neck of the woods in June. And here is the spoiler alert, tickets are going on sale November 5th at 12pm but you will want to sign up for the special alert directly from her to her subscribers. https://mailchi.mp/thehollisco/email

A little birdy also told me that we can expect her documentary movie "Made for More" in theaters again shortly prior to the new year. Girls night!!

Learn all about this RISE weekend!

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