If you follow me on Instagram, I'm sure you're well aware of my slight obsession. I LOVE Sistique Boutique. Cute clothes, shoes, and accessories at affordable prices - that's my jam! Over the past few years, three sisters have been running Sistique Boutique via Facebook and on their website, with the occasional stop at local events with their bus, Roxy. Now, they are ready for a more permanent home, and they are looking for a place in Rochester.

By doing this, everyone that is local will have the opportunity to shop way more in person and not always online! While we still do not have all of the details worked out yet, we are confident that this would benefit you as much as it would benefit us! - April

They shared the news on Facebook earlier this week and fans went nuts!


They don't know exactly where they end up yet. But it's safe to say that Sistique shoppers are very excited! I'll share an update as soon as they find their spot in Rochester.

Also, you can expect the online portion of their business to continue running. A permanent home is in addition to everything they have going on currently.

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