I'm all for finding ways to help save the environment, but this trend is where I draw the line. Apparently there are people out there (obviously not in Rochester) that are using reusable toilet paper. They have replaced their t.p. with fabric cloths that get thrown in a bucket after use, then washed and reused. They are called "family cloths."

When I asked our listeners if they would use reusable toilet paper, I got a unanimous response - he** no!

My sister did the whole reusable diaper thing for her kids. It was pretty impressive that she was able to do it. I mean, I've changed those kids' diapers, and I wouldn't want one of those in my washing machine, just saying.

If you're reading this, and actually are one of the few that would be interested in trying it, a public health researcher urges you not to. Why? She was quoted in USA Today saying, "feces and urine both carry a ton of pathogens that can result in illness. When you wash these cloths you transfer these germs to the entire load of laundry, even subsequent loads if you’re not using a protocol."

I was reading about the "protocol" and it requires a whole lot of bleach, sanitizer AND hot water. She says "actually using the proper protocol may require enough water and energy to offset the sustainability benefits." You can read more about her research here. 

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