Rochester's most adorable coffee shop is getting closer to opening!

Remember way back, before we started talking about COVID, I told you about a really cute coffee shop that was going to be built in Rochester, Minnesota over by Cub Foods?  Well, it is finally being built and it is looking super cute!  I went over to see the progress the other day (and to see if I could get a cup of coffee yet) and thought I'd better let all my other coffee-loving friends know too.

Jessica Williams

Everything you need to know about the new Caribou Cabin coffee shop.

Location: This adorable Caribou Cabin coffee shop is being built in the same parking lot as Cub Foods and Planet Fitness in Rochester.  It's right on the corner and there is no way you can miss it.  Pretty easy to get in and out of this area too which for me, that's a bonus.  I hate having to deal with drive-thru's that are just impossible to navigate.

How it all works: The cabins don't have any seating inside but do offer drive-up and spot where you can walk up and order.

Jessica Williams

When is the new Caribou Cabin opening in Rochester?

That's a great question!  In fact, it is one that I asked Caribou Coffee headquarters last week.  I'm still waiting to hear from them.  If I ever get an answer, I'll put the update over on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.  Go give it a follow so you don't miss it!

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