I am known for my Minnesota accent any time I travel and it's often because of many of these words! I can't be the only one. So I asked which ones were your favorite Minnesota words and ties at the top for SKOL and UFF-DA came as no surprise.

Here is a little more about these top phrases you should know.


This expression can cover most situations. It could be a response to a surprise, maybe something smells horrible, a word to sum up so many things! The key is to pay attention to tone in order to understand the context it’s being used in.


After a great pre-season win against the Seahawks, this was flowing loudly through my house. If you've been around a Viking fan at all I'm sure you've heard this AND seen it! This Norwegian word used by the Minnesota Vikings actually means “cheers” and “to good health.”


This wasn't on the original list but someone brought it up and all of the sudden I realized how often I saw this. "Oh for _____". This can come out in so many ways but "Oh for sure" is one I catch myself saying OFTEN!  But how about “Oh for cute or Oh for fun.” Whatever word you place at the end, the overall meaning is full of delight and excitement.

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