You won't want to miss Monday's episode of American Ninja Warrior. Finally, we will get to see our hometown K9 ninja - Roo Yori! Somehow he managed to keep his results a secret for over a month. He took on the course at US Bank Stadium over the Memorial Day weekend. He tells us (somewhat biasedly) that this course was one of the best he's ever been on. This was American Ninja Warriors first taping in Minnesota.

Roo is called the K9 Ninja because of his mission - to raise awareness for homeless dogs and help them get adopted. Leading up to the episode he has and is still fundraising. You can pledge an amount for every obstacle he completes. All the money raised will go to Roo's organization "Wallace the Pit Bull Foundation", which is a non-profit dedicated to improving the lives of dogs and the people who care for them. Find out more and pledge here.

He's doing a viewing party at Dooley's. The episode airs at 7 pm Monday on NBC.

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