Sometimes they’re called smash rooms and sometimes they’re called rage rooms. Rochester’s will be known as The Mess Hall and it will be open soon. If you’re aren’t familiar, these businesses are places to go to… smash things.

It’s a great place to go to blow off some steam while breaking things, but smash rooms are not just an outlet for anger issues - A lot of people go just to get messy and have fun. I recently spoke to the owner to find out when The Mess Hall in Rochester is going to open and what people can expect when they buy a ticket.

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The Mess Hall in Rochester will feature two smash rooms and two splatter rooms.

What Can You Do at Rochester’s Mess Hall?

When you buy a ticket to one of the smash rooms, you'll get 30 minutes to break things in safe environment. Each smash room has a giant viewing window so you're friends can watch you go crazy while they wait for their turn.

You are required to wear long sleeves, pants and closed toe shoes. A face shield and gloves will be provided.

What Types of Items Can You Smash at Rochester’s Mess Hall

The Mess Hall
The Mess Hall

Your ticket allows you to smash 2 electronic items and 20 pieces of glass!

You do not need to bring anything. The business provides all of the tools you’ll use and all of the breakables.

What Is The Splatter Room at Rochester's Mess Hall

The Mess Hall splatter rooms have brushes and condiment bottles full of paint and each room is lit up with black lights so your mess will glow!

The Mess Hall
The Mess Hall

Where is Rochester's Mess Hall and When Does It Open?

The new business,will be located at 1635 Broadway Ave. N in Rochester. In the strip mall that is home to Glynner's Pub.


The owners are putting the finishing touches on the business right now and told me they want to be open by Thursday or Friday of this week.

How Much Does Rochester’s Mess Hall Cost?

Tickets are $30 for 30-minutes and must be purchased in advance online.

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