The North Star Bar, known for live music each weekend, recently addressed rumors about the future of the bar on its Facebook page.
The message was intended to ease the minds of their loyal customers and music lovers in the Rochester area. It says:

Dear Rochester/surrounding bands, fans, music lovers and all North Star Bar patrons, and everyone in-between! We here at The Star have been noticing more and more that there have been several questions about the future of our venue and if we are going to be shutting our doors anytime soon. Hopefully this will help to set the record straight and ease the minds of all concerned. We are booked through the end of this year, with some dates still available. With that in mind it DOES NOT say that we are done at the end of the year, what this says is business as usual. We DO NOT have any thoughts or reasons on closing anytime for the next several years. Now I know that there are plans for this city to grow and the future is always bringing new challenges up but there is something we can all do about it in the mean time. Come to the Star, support local and national artist that come to have a good time, make The Star the place to be in Rochester, MN! Support the music scene and venue so that we have even more of a reason not to shut our doors. (because we aren't) We are bringing in new acts anytime we can and still keeping the bands that have been a staple for MANY years! Give us some feedback on what else you'd like to see there and we will do everything we can to help The Star become even better! A venue can do nothing on its own without the peoples support! We are all in this together, lets make the future bright enough that we all have to wear shades, and yes we went there! Take care everyone, and we look forward to many years of service, fun, safety and great music!

Thank you
The North Star Bar!

To send your feedback or to see what others are saying, check their Facebook page.

Learn more about the North Star and check their band schedule, here.


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